1 - Download the Chrome Extension

Go to https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/fullenrich%E2%80%94scrape-linkedi/fklpnmgmbmbbclnkhamepifgoejghfhf


2 - Then go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search.

3 - Now, enrich your leads.

Easy, no?

Pro tips :

If you don't want to export all the contacts in your search, return to Sales Navigator, select the profiles you want, and save them in a Lead List. Then go to this lead list and click on View in search to export this more precise list. 

Additional notes:

You can go to your Saved Lists or create new ones with your filters.
The button will appear as soon as you add the first filter.
If you already have Lead lists, then go to the list you want to export and enrich and click on View in Search

If you don't have LinkedIn Sales Navigator yet, Linkedin offers a 1-month free trial. It'll help you create great prospection lists.